Friday, 21 January 2011

University of Alberta Winter Walk Day

Wednesday, February 9

Get Wild in Winter! Don’t spend your lunch break hunched over your computer. Join in a group or you can walk and be active on your own. Any way you choose to be active is up to you!

Winter Walk Day is an annual province-wide event to encourage Albertans to improve their overall health by walking a minimum of 15 minutes either in-or outdoors.

Where to meet if you want to go with the group, 12:00 PM, Varsity Field

Haul out your boots and toque and come out for a bracing winter walk instead, led by Dean Kerry Mummery of the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. Join Dean Mummery on the walk starting (and ending) at Varsity Field at the pond hockey rinks, behind the Clare Drake Arena (opposite Stadium Car Park.)
  • Hot chocolate afterwards
  • Nifty giveaways for some lucky walkers!
Record your participation

Be a part of the province-wide challenge and record your participation minutes in Winter Walk Day at by clicking the Quick Link “Winter Walk”. It is simple – just enter the minutes walked and University Department then you will be counted in the total for the province.

And to spice it up, a little healthy competition to get the adrenaline racing: which is the healthiest faculty on campus? There’s only one way to find out. Let’s get out there and see who rules!