Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Support for Parents Through the EFAP

Your Employee and Family Assistance Program is more than simple counselling!

Homewood Human Solutions, your Employee and Family Assistance Program provider, offers a wide range of services to university faculty and staff. Among them are Childcare and Parenting Support Services. Specialists are available to assist parents or guardians who need help addressing concerns in a variety of areas including: blended families, special needs, autism, gifted children, childhood obesity, new parenthood, adoption, and school issues.

Whether your concerns about your child are big or small, Homewood Human Solutions’ childcare specialists can help you gain a new perspective and find the answers you are looking for. Call 780-428-7587 to learn more or to arrange to talk to someone.
In addition, and in recognition of the fact that parenting is a demanding (though rewarding) job,your EFAP provider also offers a self-paced,self-directed e-course entitled Foundations for Effective Parenting.

If you want to develop parenting practices that guide your child’s healthy development, consider registering for this course. It is designed for parents of children at all ages and stages of development. Participants will learn how to encourage the development of empathy, decision-making skills, communication skills, accountability, responsibility, self-confidence and self-belief. They will also learn how to maintain a role in their children’s development as peers and other factors (e.g. the internet, social media) become more influential.

To register, please visit the Employees section of the Homewood Human Solutions website (www.homewoodhumansolutions.com) and register or log-in to Member Services. Your interactions with your EFAP provider remain confidential.Foundations for Effective Parenting.

“To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while.” – Josh Billings